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Historical Photos of Early Los Angeles


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Historical Photos of Early Santa Monica


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Highland Park




(1930s)* - View showing the Toonerville Trolley Sandwich Special, housed in an old streetcar at 1635 W. Manchester Ave. The menu and prices are written along the front panel:  "Steak Chops", "All Barbecued Sandwiches .20 cents", "Tamales & Chili .25 cents", "Rib Steaks .40 cents", "Spaghetti & Chili .30 cents", "Hamburger Sandwich .15 cents", "Chili & Beans .15 cents", "Malted Milk .20 cents", "Hamburger & Chili .35 cents", "Good Coffee .05 cents", "Coney Islands .10 cents", and "Lunches. Dinner".  





(1930s)* - Close-up view of the Toonerville Trolley Sandwich Special, showing a man hanging out of the left doorway as several people wait outside to hop on.  A man and little girl can be seen standing at the right doorway. Advertising along the front panel reads: "Hot Dogs", "Hamburger", "Toonerville Trolley", "Sandwich Special", "Ice cream", "Sodas", "Home Made Pies", and "Barbeque Sandwiches".  




The Garcia House (aka Rainbow House)

(1964)* – View looking up toward the Garcia House (aka Rainbow House).  Photograph caption reads, "In the air! - Designed by Hollywood architect John Lautner, this home at 7436 Mulholland Dr. is perched on the mountain side suspended on air by caissons resting on rocks."  The man in the lower-right appears to be a neighbor sweeping his driveway.  


Historical Notes

The Garcia House (also known as The Rainbow House) is a private home in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, designed by architect John Lautner. Located on Mulholland Drive, it sits on stilts 60 feet above the canyon below.*^



(ca. 2000s)^** – View showing the Garcia House, designed by John Lautner in 1962.  


Historical Notes

Also known as the "Rainbow House" for its parabolic roof over colored stained glass windows and a curved ceiling that rises to 30 feet in height, it has been described as "one of the 10 most important residences from the midcentury period in Los Angeles." *^



(ca. 2002)^x^ – View looking at the “Russ” and Gina Garcia Home located at 7436 Mulholland Drive.  


Historical Notes

The building was originally designed in 1962 for Russell Garcia. By 2002 it had undergone many changes from its original design and was in need of renovation. In 2002, actor Vincent Gallo sold the house for $1.3 million to Bill Damaschke, a Dreamworks executive, and his partner, business manager John McIlwee. Damaschke and McIlwee then invested another $1 million on an extensive renovation, supervised by the Marmol Radziner design firm. They ultimately also added a fence to obstruct public views from the street into the glass-sided, transparent house. *^




(2016)** - Panoramic view of the Garcia House with newly added pool.  


Historical Notes

The pool added a few years ago was actually in the original plans, but the first owners ran out of money to build it. It sits on a concrete terrace below the house.




(2015)^xx – View of the Garcia House from pool level.  


Historical Notes

The house was prominently used as a location for the film Lethal Weapon 2, as well as in a 2011 commercial for Oliver Peoples eyewear featuring singer Devendra Banhart and his girlfriend Rebecca Schwartz. *^

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(2015)^xx – Side view of the Garcia Home as it appears today..  


Historical Notes

Once inside the house, the inhabitant or guest is treated to panoramic views of Hollywood through the vast walls of clear and colored glass.


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Pathways of the San Fernando Valley II

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